10 Lucrative Jobs in the Airline Industry

In spite of the sky-rocketing prices of aviation fuel, there are more numbers of people that are travelling by aeroplanes. The sizes of the planes are getting bigger and there is every sign that the industry will continue to grow in spite of its turbulence.

The number of jobs in the airline industry is growing and many of them pay lucratively. After all, the airline industry is not all about pilot a plane or just repairing one. Many individuals look forward to the glamour and lifestyle associated with the airline industry jobs. Let us look at the ten most lucrative jobs on offer in the airline industry.

#1: Pilot or Co-Pilot

Pilots are indeed paid well and their job is as glamorous as it is stressful. Pilots are usually trained in FAA-certified training academies after their college degree. Once they obtain a commercial pilot’s license they do different jobs such as flying passenger aeroplanes, testing planes, dusting crops, fight fires, monitor air traffic, etc. Their pay is about $120000 per annum.

#2: Air Traffic Controller

As holding the most stressful jobs in the airline industry, an air traffic controller’s salary is a handsome one. The traffic controller is responsible for tracking the hundreds of flights, communicating with the pilots and co-pilots to help them navigate land and take off safely and monitor their ground movement. Taking up an Air Hostess Training in Chennai leaves you with a better hands-on classes for the course. The competition is stiff and air traffic controllers get paid close to $60000 per annum.

#3: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

This job requires the person to be highly skilled in technical matters. He has to ensure that the maintenance team keeps the aircraft in top condition every time before it takes off and flies without a problem. It is a highly responsible job and they are paid to the tune of $72000 per annum.

#4: Aeroplane Inspector

Experienced aeroplane mechanics become aeroplane inspectors. This job involves inspection of the whole aircraft after a round of maintenance or repair. These inspectors are in great demand. Aircraft inspectors have a special authorization and this makes them more employable. Their annual salary is close to $60000.

#5: Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics specialize in preventive maintenance of the aircraft and repair of the aeroplanes as well. They have to be trained in FAA-approved maintenance schools and are licensed. They are in great demand and are paid about $50000 per annum. Get the best Air Hostess Training in Bangalore from well-trained professionals.

#6: Air Marshal

These jobs involve protecting the aircraft from any kind of attacks in the sky or the ground. They are trained in firearms, self-defence, handling terrorism and can work independently and devise their own plans. This job requires the candidate to be brave, level-headed and tough. Their salaries are in the range of $60000 per annum.

#7: Aerospace Project Engineer

An aerospace project engineer is one who has knowledge of all the aspects of setting up aerospace projects. Join the Air Hostess Training in Mumbai and gain a in-depth knowledge of the different types of aircraft, the costs involved and the economics as well as to lead a team of technicians and engineers to set up the project to completion is what is expected of the project engineer. They are paid close to $80000 per annum.

#8: Cabin Crew – Air Hostess/Flight Attendant/Purser

The cabin crew members attend to the requirements of the passengers while in flight and also help to keep them safe during the flight. They are in charge of inventory, help to put away passenger hand baggage and also teach emergency procedures to the passengers. The cabin crew members are paid close to $60000 per annum.

#9: Aircraft Loadmaster

The duties of a load-master involve ensuring that the cargo, passenger and other equipment in the aeroplane are placed in such a way that the aircraft is able to take off, fly and even land without any problem whatsoever. They are paid $40000 per annum.

#10: Aircraft Technician

An aircraft technician is responsible for the upkeep of all the electronic circuits in a plane that help communication and navigation. He/she has to ensure that they are in top working condition and have to re-calibrate them when necessary. They can be called to work during day or night time. They are paid about $50000 per annum.

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