Air hostess training in Bangalore

If you are a resident of Mumbai and your dream job has been that of an air hostess flying across the globe, you have reached the right page.  Exciting destinations and a lucrative salary are just some of the perks of this job.

The job of an air hostess is a demanding one; it is all about looking after the needs of the passengers during the flight time and keeping them safe as well. To become a high-flier in this job, it requires that you are provided with the right kind of training.

Are you looking for an Air Hostess Training in Bangalore, and then ZEFT is the right place to join. We, ZEFT Aviation, have been in the educational training field for more than 8 years. Alongside many courses, we are also training aspirants to become successful cabin crew members. This can help you get the air hostess job that you are so looking forward to.

Our students are now employed at top-rated airlines companies as air hostesses and are flying the world. Therefore, if you are a resident of Mumbai looking at ways to get trained as an air hostess, read on to know how you can get enrolled in our courses for a successful career in that realm.

Nature of the job

Air hostesses primarily take care of the needs of the passengers in the flight. Also known by the name of flight stewardesses and flight attendants, they see to it that the passengers are seated safely at the start of the flight and are deplaned safely at the end of the flight.

 Air hostesses help to put the passengers’ luggage away safely and explain all emergency procedures as soon as the flight takes off. Male colleagues of the air hostesses are called flight pursers and do the same kind of job.

Air hostesses serve food and beverages to the passengers during the flight and keep inventory accounts before during and after the flights. They are also expected to do other administrative functions for the flight captain as well as the airlines company.

Air hostesses spend a considerable amount of time in the air. They fly for more than 90 hours in a week and most of the times are expected to work during the weekends as well.

ZEFT Aviation Air Hostess Training – Job Skills Required

To do the job of an air hostess successfully, the aspirant requires a few skills in place. The job requires that the candidate has a friendly disposition, has good manners and also has patience and tolerance. The aspirant should have a mind to serve others pleasantly.

The candidate should have excellent communication skills and it is favoured if they know to converse in more than one language. They should be ready to meet and mingle with a culturally diverse group of people.

They must be ready to respond to emergency situations, medical or otherwise, during flights. They should be in a position to calmly administer first-aid procedures to sick patients during flight times.   


Air hostesses should be fit and healthy and be able to stand for long periods of time during the flight. They should pay attention to detail, handle work in an organized fashion and be willing to constantly learn new things.

ZEFT Aviation Air Hostess Training – Basic Minimum Criteria

In case you want to apply for the Air Hostess Training in Bangalore at our institute, you should have cleared the secondary school equivalent examination. You should meet our minimum height and weight standards. You should be over 18 years of age. Vision standards should meet the minimum requirements. We expect the candidates to be healthy and physically fit.

Why ZEFT Aviation for Air Hostess Training

With over 40 years’ accumulated experience in the Airlines’ industry field, we at ZEFT Educational Services have successfully provided training to students in many other areas as well. Our aviation industry courses are the most popular ones and they are well recognized by the biggest airlines companies. Reckoned with the best in the country, candidates who completed the Air Hostesses Training in Bangalore at ZEFT Aviation are now successfully employed with famous domestic and international airline companies.

Salient Points in Air Hostess Training - ZEFT Aviation

Government approved training and certification
Training in a real aircraft environment
Internationally recognized training curriculum
Placement Assistance (100%) for candidates who have completed Air Hostess Training
Internship with famous domestic and international airlines companies
Internships and training in major airline companies for students.
Complimentary finishing school training
Complimentary French, Spanish, or German classes

The job prospects for air hostesses are only likely to increase with the rise in the number of passengers and the size of the aircraft in the future. The air hostesses’ job will only become more lucrative.

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