Getting a Job in the Airline Industry – How to go about it

Procuring a job in an airlines company is much more than just submitting a resume. Any job in the airline industry is so competitive that it is purported that a single airlines company receives over a million applications in a single year.

Airlines industry jobs also exhibit a lot of flexibility given the nature of operation of the industry itself. This is applicable for both the managerial as well as the front line operational staff. Some of the factors that are common for most of the jobs and improve the odds of getting employed by an airlines company are as follows:

Tip #1: Be properly educated

There are different jobs in an airlines company and each of them requires training that is different from the other. Joining a Air Hostess Training in Bangalore gives a better idea of the job. Therefore it is important to pick a job that you prefer and get properly trained for the same. Some of the jobs that a candidate can apply for include flight attendant, air traffic controller, pilots, technicians, air hostesses, etc., being some of them. Attend the training and give it all that is required to qualify for the job. Ensure that you train with the best institution there is.

Tip #2: Meet physical standards

Ensure that you meet all standards required for vision, height, weight, strength, and language proficiency, citizenship, physical fitness and minimum and maximum age stipulations. These standards exist so that the planes can be operated safely.

Tip #3: Be open to change

The airline industry is always under constant flux. The nature of the job may change and your location or even the job may change. Being flexible with your requirements can land you a job in this industry if you satisfy the many other requirements.

Tip #4: Browse job postings and stay connected

If you have a favorite airlines company, ensure that you browse their website and get to know everything about them. Ensure that you are informed of the job postings that they publish. You can then contact them directly and apply for those jobs.

It is also important to otherwise get involved with the airline industry by joining a related association and getting to know what is currently happening in the industry.

Networking with those that are already working for airlines companies is vital. Many airlines companies reward employees that provide referrals and therefore it is important.

Tip #5: The interview is important

If you progress to the interview stage of the job, remember it is important. The nature of the interview will, however, depend on the position that you are applying for. Whereas for a flight attendant there may be only a quick and short interview, a pilot may require many interviews. Ensure that you are aware of the interview process.

Ensure that you undergo an Air Hostess Training in Chennai at an institution that put you through mock interviews after the training course is over. It is also important that you conduct yourself well during the interview. Maintain a confident posture and ensure that you are well-mannered and polite.

Why Train at ZEFT Aviation

If you want to get a job in the airline industry, ZEFT Aviation is perhaps the best choice. With over 40 years’ accumulated experience in the industry, we have trained aspirants who are now successfully completed different courses and working for various domestic and international airlines companies after training with us.

We have options for the students to train in foreign languages, train them in a finishing school, and conduct mock interviews to boost their confidence and morale. This ensures that our students do not miss out on the opportunities offered by the best airlines companies.

We have been in the training fray for more than 8 years and have 12 branches across Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Best coaching is provided at ZEFT for the Air Hostess Training in Mumbai.

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